Monteadorno Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Secular trees, hand-picked olives, cold pressing – the unique recipe of Monteadorno extra virgin olive oil.

Our plants are very ancient, characterized by typical Tuscan rustic varieties: robust and more tolerant to temperature changes than other Mediterranean cultivars. Each of these varieties brings to our oil unique organoleptic characteristics: Moraiolo – high intensity of bitter and spicy, Frantoio – strongly aromatic; Leccino sweet, soft and delicate flavor. The final result is our unmistakable extra virgin olive coupage, a balanced mix of all these varieties, according to the ancient Tuscan tradition. An extra virgin olive oil with a highly evocative, unique and recognizable appearance, flavor and scent.

Our oil brings the authentic flavor of Tuscany to your tables. Fundamental as a condiment, but also indispensable in the preparation of typical Tuscan dishes. Monteadorno Extra Virgin Olive Oil is  particularly aromatic, a harmonious balance of acidity and spiciness, slightly fruity and with a pleasant bitter note. Fluid in the mouth, it releases subtle aromas of fresh grass, green almond and artichoke. Long and intense aftertaste with a fragrance that responds to even the most refined palates.

Green in color with yellow veining

Fruity flavor with a pleasant bitterness. A harmonious balance of sharpness    and piquancy, notably aromatic and with a strong aftertaste.

Intense aroma. Scent of fresh olive and green leaf and characteristic hint of artichoke and almond

5 litres metal can 65 euro
3 litres metal can   40 euro
2 litres metal bottle 28 euro

1 litre metal bottle 15 euro
0,75 metal bottle 12 euro
0,25 metal can 6 euro

Our olive oil  perfectly speaks a truly Tuscan language

The individual nuances of each extra-virgin olive oil, both single varieties and coupage, depend on the characteristics of the harvest and the year in question, which makes each and every bottle of olive oil a unique experience—just like a bottle of wine.

It has a high polyphenol content and is high in oleic acid. It has a good preservation capacity and can maintain its organoleptic characteristics for several years.


Perfect in dishes where olive oil represents a primary ingredient, such as the traditional fettunta (bread with garlic) or bruschetta  (bread with tomatoes)  and with raw vegetables in pinzimonio (dipped into oil)  or  tuscan schiacciata (flat bread with salt and olive oil).

Well-suited as a finishing touch to dishes with bold flavors, such as Tuscan ribollita  (vegetable soup) or fagioli al fiasco (cannellini beans cooked directly in a flask) or all’uccelletta. (cannellini with tomatoes cooked for many hours)  .  In the lighter diet ,  it’s a delicious drizzled over a Caprese salad of tomato, mozzarella and basil, or as a finishing touch on fish. Our oilo is able to add  a touch of personality even to boiled potatoes, zucchini and asparagus . Absolutely essential as seasoning of  bistecca alla Fiorentina (grilled  t bone steak  ) .  Can’t be missed on melanzane alla parmigiana  (a vegetable lasagna made of eggplants , tomato and mozzarella), and of course … every kind of real italian pizza!

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