Our family history

The story of Rigone i salso the story of our family, whose roots have always been firmly planted in the clayey Tuscan soil. As you walk through the alleys of the medieval old town, you come across the places and the palazzo that are part of our past.

Our ancestor Jacopo Cresci, a doctor for the Napoleonic Army during the French domination in Tuscany became one of the first majors after the reinstatement of the Granducato della Toscana. The street that houses Montaione’s old magistrate’s building, now the civic museum, is called after him. Cresci was on enlightened mind as well as a great philanthropist, and founded and donated to the town the Cresci Hospital, now transformed and still in use by the community as a nursery school and school of music. His grandson and the present owner’s grandfather Ingegner Luigi Bonsignori, Major of Montaione for many years, built the town’s school at the beginning of the 20th century and was one of the main patrons of Montaione’s theatre.

stemma The Family Coat of Arms “il guerriero letterata” (the literate warrior) reconciles the two grand passions that have always distinguished us : the strength and tenacity to fight for our ideals, and the love for the arts, literature and culture.

Podere Rigone was part of the family’s extensive property in and around Montaione. It is near the route Via Francigena which linked up the ancient Pievi (Parish Churches) of the Valdelsa. It was a rural settlement consisting of the farmhouse and its annexes

alto The farm was run using the “mezzadria” system. The lawn sown with wheat, the vineyards, the olive groves, the tobacco crops and the wood guaranteed the maintenance of the farm workers and their families, and half of the profits went to the owners (half-mezzo).

prodotti Products
The Azienda agricola (Farm) Monteadorno was foud in the middle of the 19th century. In 1904, whilst Europe was enjoying “la belle époque”, our Azienda won The International Gold Medal for wine at the Exposition International in Paris. Since then, work has continued with the same enthusiasm through 5 generations. We produce Chianti wine, white wine, extra virgin olive oil, grappa and honey.

orto Organic vegetable garden
Our organic vegetable garden is planted and lovingly cared for you by Antonio and is a source of delight for those of you who appreciate uncontaminated natural products . Antonio will be happy to accompany you to pick whatever is in season. It will be up to you to decide whether to prepare a real “bruschetta toscana” or a “pasta al dente” with your freshly picked tomatoes and basil.

…our family, ready to welcome you and make your holiday unforgettable.


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Rigone in Chianti
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